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September 12, 2019
Mangul Lab at USC welcomes first PhD rotation student Kerui Peng
September 30, 2019

UCLA undergraduate students and alumni join Mangul Lab at USC

We are excited to announce that a group of talented Bruins will be continuing their on-going computational genomics projects as inaugural members of Mangul Lab at USC. Serghei began mentoring these undergraduate students and former students in his previous role as a postdoctoral scholar in ZarLab at UCLA.

Ram Ayyala (Neuroscience), Sei Chang (Computer Science and Engineering), Neha Rajkumar (Bioengineering), Niko Darci-Maher (Computational and Systems Biology), and Jenny Wu (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) are developing tools for big genomic data analysis and methods for benchmarking omics software tools and databases while continuing their undergraduate studies at UCLA.

Recent UCLA alum Caitlin Loeffler (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, ‘18) and Aaron Karlsberg (Computational and Systems Biology, ‘19) are joining Mangul Lab at USC as Research Assistants. 

Ram, Sei, Neha, Niko, and Aaron were 2019 B.I.G. (Bruins-in-Genomics) Summer scholars in the UCLA Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biosciences; Caitlin was a 2018 B.I.G. (Bruins-in-Genomics) Summer scholar. Caitlin recently submitted her first-ever first-author paper – Improving the usability and Comprehensiveness of Microbial Databases – for peer review!

Interested in developing and applying bioinformatics methods for big data? Join our lab!

Lana Martin
Lana Martin
Lana is a Project Specialist for Mangul Lab in the Titus Department of Clinical Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy.
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