We welcome our first Master’s students to the team! Yutong (Liz) Chang and Karishma Chhugani are pursuing the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. Liz and Karishma are joining Mangul Lab at USC in order to explore the development and application of computational biology in their home area.

Liz received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Southern Medical University, China. Her previous research focuses on the development of novel drug delivery systems for cancer therapies. Liz joined the MSPS program with an interest in the intersection of computational biology, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacometrics. 

Karishma graduated from University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. Her previous research took place in the labs of Dr. Xuemei Chen, Dr. Chia-en Chang, and Dr. Anandasankar Ray — exploring microRNA mechanisms in plants, Alzheimer’s disease, and olfactory receptors in fruit flies, respectively.

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