We are very excited to announce the appointment of our first postdoctoral scholar in Mangul Lab at USC! Dr. Jaqueline Brito holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Jaque’s doctoral research primarily focused on index-based methods for large databases and distributed systems, particularly the processing of multiple joins in distributed systems. In 2016, Jaque completed an internship at the University of California, San Diego, under the supervision of Prof. Yannis Papakonstantinou.

Jaque’s primary research interests are in improving the performance of decision-making systems and large databases hosted in distributed systems. This involves the use of recent technologies (e.g. Spark) in combination with well established concepts and architectures (e.g. OLAP in Data Warehouses).

In Mangul Lab at USC, Jaque will be involved in developing bioinformatics methods for large scale multi omics datasets. Jaque is first author on the very first preprint submitted by Mangul Lab at USC:

Jaqueline J Brito, Thiago Mosqueiro, Jeremy Rotman, Victor Xue, Douglas J Chapski, Juan De la Hoz, Paulo Matias, Lana S Martin, Alex Zelikovsky, Matteo Pellegrini, Serghei Mangul: Telescope: an interactive tool for managing large scale analysis from mobile devices. In: GigaScience, 9 (1), pp. giz163, 2020.

In addition, Jaque contributed to a paper published by our group while Serghei was postdoctoral scholar at UCLA:

Serghei Mangul, Thiago Mosqueiro, Richard J Abdill, Dat Duong, Keith Mitchell, Varuni Sarwal, Brian L Hill, Jaqueline J Brito, Russell Jared Littman, Benjamin Statz: Challenges and recommendations to improve the installability and archival stability of omics computational tools. In: PLoS Biology, 17 (6), pp. e3000333, 2019.

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