We are proud to announce that our lab has published our first peer-reviewed paper since we established at USC School of Pharmacy in Fall 2019! Jaque, our postdoctoral scholar, is the first author on this paper! Congratulations!

Our paper, which presents a novel tool for managing bioinformatics analyses on smartphones, was published in the January 2020 issue of GigaScience.

⇒ Read our paper published by GigaScience.
⇒ Read our blog post announcing the preprint.
⇒ Read a news release from TechXplore.


Jaqueline J Brito, Thiago Mosqueiro, Jeremy Rotman, Victor Xue, Douglas J Chapski, Juan De la Hoz, Paulo Matias, Lana S Martin, Alex Zelikovsky, Matteo Pellegrini, Serghei Mangul: Telescope: an interactive tool for managing large scale analysis from mobile devices. In: GigaScience, 9 (1), pp. giz163, 2020.