In May 2020, Kerui officially joins Mangul Lab at USC as a PhD student co-advised by Serghei Mangul and Houda Alachkar. During her first year in the Pharmaceutical & Translational Sciences (PHTS) Program, Kerui completed two doctoral rotations in Mangul Lab—first, learning how to use computational skills to handle big data sets, and, second, applying the skills she acquired. During Kerui’s first rotation, she presented preliminary results of her research at ICCABS; read more at our blog post announcement!

The focus of Kerui’s research is the mining, modeling, and analysis of the T cell receptor repertoire to predict disease prognosis and treatment outcomes. Kerui is leveraging her unique background in clinical and translational research to explore potential applications using the immeasurable value of open resources omics data, to improve early diagnosis and precise treatments for patients, and to reduce barriers for biomedical researchers to utilize bioinformatics tools.

Kerui’s doctoral research combines the development and application of bioinformatics methods for omics data. She has been developing Python-based tools for biomedical researchers, analyzing sequencing data from patients’ samples, benchmarking bioinformatics tools, and mining the reusability of publicly available omics data.

Involvement in bioinformatics, genomics, and pharmacogenomics projects has led Kerui to develop a passion for and interest in developing novel methods for better serving patients in need through translational research. She looks forward to growing as an independent researcher and as a collaborator on multidisciplinary projects.

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