In May 2020, Angela officially joins Mangul Lab at USC as a PhD student co-advised by Serghei Mangul and Stan Louie. During her first year in the Pharmaceutical & Translational Sciences (PHTS) Program, Angela completed one rotation in Mangul Lab.

Angela’s long-term career goal is to work in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as a clinical pharmacologist. Angela is very excited to be co-advised by Serghei—her rotational experience in Mangul Lab inspired her to emphasize development of both traditional “wet” laboratory and computational skills during her doctoral education.

For her PhD project, Angela will be investigating therapeutics for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the novel coronavirus disease. Angela will be leveraging machine learning and other bioinformatics-based approaches to identify clinical biomarkers of interest critical in viral induced respiratory distress. As her doctoral research project shifts and progresses, Angela will incorporate useful bioinformatics tools and studies.

Angela is a co-author for one of our recent preprints:

Sarwal, Varuni; Niehus, Sebastian; Ayyala, Ram; Chang, Sei; Lu, Angela; Darci-Maher, Nicholas; Littman, Russell Jared; Wesel, Emily; Castellanos, Jacqueline; Chikka, Rahul; Distler, Margaret G; Eskin, Eleazar; Flint, Jonathan; Mangul, Serghei

A comprehensive benchmarking of WGS-based structural variant callers Journal Article

bioRxiv, 2020.

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