Mangul Lab welcomes to the team a new undergraduate researcher, Harman Singh!

Harman is an Electrical Engineering sophomore at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, where he pursues his diverse interests in computer science, biology, and electrical engineering. Harman is studying to use mathematical models and machine learning to understand biomedical data and provide better data-driven solutions as an aid to the healthcare sector.

Harman is collaborating with Serghei and Sergey Knyzev (doctoral student of Alex Zelikovsky at Georgia State University) on phylogenetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2. They will be benchmarking the existing SOTA methods for phylogenetic analysis (e.g., Nextstrain), which will determine the limitations of existing methods in terms of visualization and scalability. Harman will participate in the ongoing collaboration between Zelikovsky and Mangul in developing a new method of phylogenetic clustering which will be robust and scalable for a large dataset. This proposed method promises to provide more accurate results in a shorter amount of time when compared to existing methods in terms of a clean visualization, and yet be powerful enough to give detailed information about the spread of the virus between states, countries, and continents.

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