Mangul Lab publishes third paper – an analysis of microbial reference databases

Today we celebrate the publication of our third peer-reviewed paper since Mangul Lab launched at USC! Consensus of fungal and bacterial genome representation across multiple reference databases. Cailtin Loeffler and Aaron Karlsberg, both alumnus of Serghei’s group at UCLA and currently scientific research staff with Mangul Lab [...]

Mangul Lab submits preprint presenting a comprehensive review of the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of metagenomics

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday break, Mangul Lab at USC released our second preprint—a review of the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of metagenomics. Overview of clinical metagenomics pipeline Several members of our group—Caitlin Loeffler (Bioinformatics Analyst), Lana Martin (Project Specialist), Yutong Chang (Master’s student), Jeremy Rotman (alumni)—collaborated with [...]

UCLA undergraduate students and alumni join Mangul Lab at USC

We are excited to announce that a group of talented Bruins will be continuing their on-going computational genomics projects as inaugural members of Mangul Lab at USC. Serghei began mentoring these undergraduate students and former students in his previous role as a postdoctoral scholar in ZarLab at UCLA. Ram Ayyala [...]