Mangul Lab submits preprint exploring read alignment techniques for short and long reads

Last week, Mangul Lab at USC shared a new preprint, which presents our group’s review of the role algorithms have on speed and efficiency of read aligners. Overview of read alignment Modern sequencing platforms generate enormous amounts of genomic data in the form of nucleotide sequences or [...]

Mangul Lab publishes first paper, a novel tool for managing bioinformatics analyses

We are proud to announce that our lab has published our first peer-reviewed paper since we established at USC School of Pharmacy in Fall 2019! Jaque, our postdoctoral scholar, is the first author on this paper! Congratulations! Our paper, which presents a novel tool for managing bioinformatics analyses on [...]

Mangul Lab submits preprint presenting a comprehensive review of the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of metagenomics

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday break, Mangul Lab at USC released our second preprint—a review of the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of metagenomics. Overview of clinical metagenomics pipeline Several members of our group—Caitlin Loeffler (Bioinformatics Analyst), Lana Martin (Project Specialist), Yutong Chang (Master’s student), Jeremy Rotman (alumni)—collaborated with [...]

Mangul Lab at USC attends first conference at ICCABS 2019 in Miami

Last week, Serghei Mangul and Kerui Peng attended the 2019 9th International Conference on Computational Advances in Bio and medical Sciences (ICCABS) at Florida International University in Miami! Kerui, a PhD rotation student in Mangul Lab at USC, presented her research in an oral presentation, “Reuse of publicly available omics [...]

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Mangul Lab submits first preprint presenting app for managing high-throughput analyses via mobile device

This week, Mangul Lab at USC released our first preprint, a paper that presents Telescope - a tool developed by our group for management of cloud-based high-throughput analyses! In today’s world of big data, high-performance computational facilities are capable of processing considerable volumes of data. Computational resources capable of analyzing [...]