Mangul Lab to present at BCC2020

Congratulations to Jaque Brito, Mangul Lab postdoctoral scholar, Niko Darci-Maher, Mangul Lab undergraduate researcher, and Varuni Sarwal, Mangul Lab alumni, on the acceptance of their papers to the Bioinformatics Community Conference (BCC) 2020 virtual meeting. Niko will be presenting his short talk, “Secondary analysis of publicly available omics data across [...]

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Mangul Lab submits preprint of a WGS-based structural variant callers benchmarking study

Mangul Lab at USC shared a new preprint which presents a benchmarking study of structural variant (SV) callers – computational tools for identifying genomic regions that have altered DNA and may be implicated in various diseases and disorders. Varuni Sarwal, alumnus of Serghei’s group at UCLA, is the first [...]