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Serghei Mangul, Ph.D.
PI, Mangul Lab  •  View Serghei’s papers

Lana Martin, Ph.D.
Project Specialist  •  View Lana’s papers

Jacqueline (Jaque) Brito, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar  •  View Jaque’s papers

JungHyun (JJ) Jung, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar  •  View JJ’s papers

Angela Lu, M.S.
Ph.D. Student  •  View Angela’s papers

Kerui Peng, Pharm.D.
Ph.D. Student  •  View Kerui’s papers

Yutong (Liz) Chang, B.S.
Master’s Student  •  View Liz’s papers

Karishma Chhugani, B.S.
Master’s Student  •  View Karishma’s papers

Dhrithi Deshpande, B.S.
Master’s Student  •  View Dhrithi’s papers

Ruiwei Guo, B.S.
Master’s Student  •  View Ruiwei’s papers

Anushka Rajesh, B.S.
Master’s Student •  View Anushka’s papers

Sharon Waymost, B.S.
Master’s Student  •  View Sharon’s papers

Ram Ayyala
Undergraduate Researcher  •  View Ram’s papers

Sei Chang
Undergraduate Researcher  •  View Sei’s papers

Nicholas (Niko) Darci-Maher
Undergraduate Researcher  •  View Niko’s papers

Daniel Yuen Wook Kim
Undergraduate Researcher  •  View Daniel’s papers

Neha Rajkumar
Undergraduate Researcher  •  View Neha’s papers

Harman Singh
Undergraduate Researcher •  View Harman’s papers

Qiaozhen (Jenny) Wu
Undergraduate Researcher  •  View Jenny’s papers

NameRoleMember during...Currently...Papers...
Caitlin LoefflerBioinformatics Analyst2016 to 2020PhD student @ George Washington UniversityView Caitlin's papers
Aaron KarlsbergSoftware Engineer2016 to 2020View Aaron's papers
Jeremy RotmanSoftware Engineer2016 to 2020View Jeremy's papers
Rahul ChikkaUndergrad Researcher2019Undergrad @ UCLA, Computer ScienceView Rahul's papers
Kevin HsiehUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2019Software Engineering Intern, GoogleView Kevin's papers
Victor XueUndergrad Researcher2018 to 2019Software Engineer, Northrop GrummanView Victor's papers
Jacqueline CastellanosUndergrad Researcher2018 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarView Jacqueline's papers
Emily WeselHigh School Researcher2018 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarUndergrad @ Stanford, Computer ScienceView Emily's papers
Varuni SarwalUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2018; 2018 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarUndergrad @ IIT Delhi, Biochemical EngineeringView Varuni's papers
Keith MitchellUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2018; 2018 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarMaster's student @ UC Davis, Genetics & GenomicsView Keith's papers
Linus ChenUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2018; 2017 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarUndergrad @ UCLA, Bioengineering & Biomedical EngineeringView Linus's papers
Russell LittmanUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2018PhD student @ UCLA, Bioinformatics IDPView Russell's papers
Angela Ka-Mei LamUndergrad Researcher2017 to 2018Software Developer @ Ardent LabsView Angela's papers
Benjamin StatzUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2018; 2016 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarView Benjamin's papers
Will Van der LayHigh School Researcher2016 to 2017; 2016 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarView Will's papers
Harry Taegyun YangUndergrad Researcher2016 to 2017PhD student @ UCLA, Bioinformatics IDPView Harry's papers
Garrett ParkerUndergrad Researcher2017 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarView Garrett's papers
German ShabanetsHigh School Researcher2017Undergrad @ Stanford, Computer Science & LinguisticsView German's papers
Taylor ShabaniHigh School Researcher2017Undergrad @ Duke, Computer Science & EconomicsView Taylor's papers
Teia NoelMaster's Student2017View Teia's papers
Kevin WeselHigh School Researcher2016 UCLA QCB B.I.G. Summer ScholarUndergrad @ MIT, Biology & EconmicsView Kevin's papers